Software purchasers act as a link between software developers and technology end-users. With the rise in global IT capability, robust COTS market, and the Open Source movement, more and more organizations are finding that an ever greater proportion of their IT dollars are  spent on technology acquired from third parties.  The organization’s acquisition capability is often not as mature as its own development aptitude.  Canateo, LLC has the ability to manage acquisition efforts or to help you build or improve your organizational effectiveness in this area.

Canateo LLC has helps organizations determine whether necessary software capabilities should be developed by an in-house technology group – if such facilities are available, or if they should be procured from an outside vendor. We aid the process in either situation, identifying IT requirements and determining the necessary software specifications that maximize the firm’s technological capabilities.

Canateo LLC may  advise an independent purchasing agency or an in-house IT group, or act as one for an end-user organization, ensuring the delivery of a highly tailored end-product that meets  the client’s requirements and technology needs.